"I’ve been giving some thought to the things that inspire and compel me to create my work... chief among them are esoteric mysteries, symbols, reminders of our mortality, and the pull of civilizations long gone. Ancient forms of superstition and protective ritual are endlessly fascinating to me as I feel that through them we are able to witness a closer glimpse of the people of that time and realize how similar we are. It connects us as creatures of the world, regardless of religion, time or space. Though we’ve never met, loved, laughed or cried with them, we are connected through our very existence on this earth and its claim to our bodies once we are gone. The myths and legends of cultures across the world whisper in a code and language I can only ever hope to start deciphering by grasping in the dark at the intangible abstracted spirits that creep up in my spine when my mind brushes across them. I attempt to translate these sensations, memories, and ethereal artifacts into physical manifestations through my art. It is in this vein that I create work and, to my deepest core, am intrinsically tied to it."

-Elise Mesnard, 2012