Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cicada Series: A Reflection on Metamorphosis and Modernity

Oil on Panel
Oil on Panel
Female Reborn
Oil on Pane
Male Reborn
Oil on Panel

            The buzz of the cicada has always been a subtle soundtrack to my life’s growth in the south. This complex rhythmic symphony can seem overwhelming at times, especially for those unaccustomed to the sheer density of sound that such a chorus can reach. The same can be said for bustling metropolitan areas of major cities such as New York. Using contacts in both rural Texas as well as downtown New York City, I was able to receive recordings of each locations distinct heartbeat. For those accustomed to the south, the cry of the cicada at night when much of the world is quiet is the very essence of nature in the hot summer months. Whereas those in New York or any other major city can feel the pulse of their metropolis through the cacophony of sounds produced by the inhabitants therein.

            It is with this project that I was able to explore the idea of the nature, which we all come from, to the technologically advanced civilization we have metamorphosed into. Through the powerful medium of sound, I have aimed to place two sounds that can both be considered beautiful and irritating up against one another. Though they appear to be contrasting, they are two sides of the world many of us know— that of the natural, and that of the technological. This installation also aims to show the idea of a conceptual metamorphosis through the medium of the figure and cicada, displaying a kind of pseudo history of growth, from nature to modernity.

Nature is the exoskeleton from which we all originate;
shedding it to different degrees as we attend the metamorphosis of modernity. 

Oil on Panel
(center button plays cicada hum sound clip)

New York
Oil on Panel
(center button plays busy downtown sound clip)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Mánagarm, Moon Hound

"Mánagarm" the Moon Hound
Graphite on Paper

     One of the Fenris Wolf's offspring, Mánagarm, also called Hati Hróðvitnisson. Its sibling is Sköll which chases the sun just as Mánagarm chases the moon. At Ragnarok they will devour the heavenly bodies and Fenrir will break his bonds and devour Odin.