Thursday, May 19, 2011

Monster Series

So awhile back I started a monster series and once everything calms down I'd really like to start them back up. The first one I did is called Chrom-Luach

"Monster: Chrom-Luach
Feeds solely on the Eyes of the Innocent, when nearing starvation, will gouge out and consume its own eyes. Such being poisonous, it will then proceed to vomit an acidic paste which can be smeared over one's eyes to induce prophetic visions."

 The next is called the Eldingar Hestur.

"Monster: Eldignar Hestur
Rides on the stomclouds before battle and appears to the future victor as a powerful warhorse. Its tail is made of lightning which is thrashes about, causing all it strikes to become blind and deaf."

I'd love to be able to make an entire bestiary of them as well as individual prints.
I already have one fellow artist that wants to pay me for a print of Chrom-Luach so now I just need to get my stuff in order and do it!